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Mental Health Services with Creativity, Honesty, and Respect

Finding the right therapist for you makes all the difference in your endeavors for change.

Using approaches beyond traditional talk therapy, you can open many new pathways for healing.

Raising children truly requires a village. 

Expanding yours can help!

Explore how we can work holistically to promote healing in both yourself and your family.

Supervision is a valuable tool to be utilized by any professional, especially those in helping fields.

My Approach

I believe in change.

I believe in constant learning, re-thinking what we know, and above all the ability of each of us.  I pride myself on being a "no nonsense, goal oriented therapist," but in that, there is also a great respect for healing and personal journey of each one of us.  I believe in a truly holistic approach; combining cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and body oriented elements to treatment.

About me

I gave a talk to a parents' group recently and at the end of it, as I was speaking to one of the attendees, she said, "Oh, you are a person!" She said it with relief and appreciation in her eyes.

I think that was true compliment.  She saw me as an equal as well as someone with something valuable to say.  I would say that I strive for that everyday.

Getting Help

I love therapy (but I admit, I am a little biased!)

There are so many ways that therapy can help.  It is not just a place to vent, it is a place to gain new perspectives, learn new tools, a place to tend to the hurt places as well as foster the growing ones.

Therapy can help with, but is not limited to, areas such as these:

I told my daughter that I wish I had had a Kimberly when I was growing up.

Parent of Teenage Client

All new clients meet for a free 30 minute initial consultation before the first appointment is scheduled.
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