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Sex therapy can be an exploration of how to bring more joy, pleasure, curiosity, and acceptance into one's life.  A therapist can help you explore the "uncomfortable" in a safer and non-judgmental space.

Please note: I am only working with individuals in individual therapy.  I am not doing sessions with more than one person (such as couples work) at this time.
What Sex Therapy is...
  • A type of psychotherapy provided by a trained professional who follows specific laws, rules, and ethical codes

  • A safer place to talk about all aspects of sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships

  • A safer place to work through difficult challenges or traumatic experiences regarding all aspects of sexuality

  • Combined with other types of psychotherapy to enable a holistic approach

What Sex Therapy is NOT...
  • A sexual experience. Therapists do not, under any circumstances have any type of sex with their clients.


What types of things can be discussed in Sex Therapy?

Many different types of things, including, but not limited to:

  • Sexuality

  • Pleasure

  • Body Image

  • Intimacy

  • Interest in Sex

  • Boundaries and Consent

  • Trauma from experiences that affects your sex life, such as medical trauma, sexual assault, any experience of unwanted touch or mistreatment

  • Desire Discrepancy (when you have a different sex drive than your partner)

  • Sexual Performance

  • Kink (sexual interests)

  • Issues around erotic or pornographic materials

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