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Love by Alexander Milov

Begin to see unconscious dynamics of a group/family without judgement or bias

Gain new insight and perspective into your family's dynamics and how it impacts you.

Learn how to work internally to enable personal and family change.

"During a family constellation, the hidden tensions, conflicts, and influential relationships existing within a family system become visible.  The facilitating therapist works with these dynamics, and often, solutions can be found.  Family constellations are surprising in form, process, and effect." (Bertold Ulsamer, 1999)
Constellation Formats Currently Offered:
In-Person Individual Work
(Work takes place in office,
with facilitator
and you)

$300 for a two hour session
Online Individual Work
(Work takes place online,
with facilitator
and you)

$300 for a two hour session
Group Exploration
(Offered occasionally or on request)

Cost determined by # of participants
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