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Expressive Arts based, Trauma-Informed, Consent guided, Holistically minded, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Therapy Services are provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, in 60 or 90 minute sessions.  Sessions can be in-person, or as a hybrid between online and in-person.  Because of the types of techniques that I incorporate into treatment, occasional in-person sessions allow clients to get the most out of their therapeutic experience.  We will speak more about this during our initial consultation meeting.

But what if I was interested in less frequent sessions?

Consultations are 90 minute appointments that can be scheduled as often or as infrequent as you want.  These can be an opportunity to explore an issue that has come up, process a life event, a time to learn a tool or skill for a particular issue, or for "maintenance" or "tune ups."  While these consultations are provided by a therapist, they are considered "therapeutic" but not therapy, because there is no treatment plan.  Please note that these may not be appropriate for every client and because they are not considered therapy, they are not submittable to insurance.

What if I am in therapy already, but looking to try some of your techniques?

Co-Treatment is a great way to do this!  In a co-treatment model, I would work with you as determined by your current (primary) therapist.  There are many ways this can be done and a lot depends what your needs are.  To explore this idea, you would discuss this with your current therapist, they would contact me,  and we would speak together to figure out the details.  Because this is therapy in a co-treatment model, it would be submittable to insurances.

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