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Contact & Location

Please email directly or fill out contact form below.

myFIRE Studios is located near the Amherst Wal-Mart in the
Northwood Green Office Complex

5 Northern Blvd.
Building #16 Suite #07
Amherst, NH 03031


Accessibility Information

The building comprised of about 10 separate businesses.  There are two external doors, both with a single step up.  The myFIRE Studios office is on the ground level, accessible by both doors.  The common area waiting room is down a flight of stairs and is shared by all the office practitioners.

There are two gender neutral restrooms on the same ground level as myFIRE Studios.  They do not require steps to enter, but they are quite small and are not wheelchair accessible.  For those who are sensitive to scents, I do use Palo Santo and an essential oil diffuser, but I can refrain during/around your session time if needed.

Should you require more details or if other arrangements would need to be made for sessions, please let us know when arranging the initial consult.

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