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Whether you prefer to work privately or in a group, workshops are a great way to to either begin a journey or look for ways to activate or move stuck places.

"What do you mean by private?"
Most of the workshops that I offer can be booked as totally private (just you and the facilitator), for a private group (such as for a group of friends, colleagues, or parents) or you can join a group that is being offered to the public.

Currently Offering:

Beach Meditation

Soul Tending


"If I had time, I would love to do something for myself. Something that focuses on me as a person." 

This is a facilitated space to foster creativity, self-care, personal growth, and mindfulness within a small group setting.  So often we would like to develop better practices for our busy lives; allow this group to help lay the foundation for the changes you would like to make.

More info to come late August 2023
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Constellation Exploration

Gather once a month for three hours to explore Constellations with a trained and experienced facilitator.  We will look at various ways of using constellations, such as for family dynamics, personal issues, health, and transgenerational trauma.  Beginner and experienced evenings will both be held.

More info to come late August 2023
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