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Family/Systemic Constellations Introduction Workshop

A Three-Hour Workshop, $75 

For anyone interested in learning about Constellation work and how it could be beneficial to you.  Constellations are a way to work with and clear unconscious barriers, limiting beliefs, or unprocessed trauma from an individual’s internal system (aka their own body,) from a family system, and more.  It is a powerful tool utilized around the world to heal personal wounds and interpersonal conflicts as well as transgenerational traumas.  This work also, with practice, allows one to broaden their capacity for moving through emotions; becoming more comfortable with the full range of human emotion.

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Evening Constellation Exploration Workshops

A Three-Hour Workshop, offered monthly $75 

For anyone with constellation experience, or has taken an introduction class with me, this evening allows for a deeper dive into the work.  After learning the basic structure, experimentation with the method will allow you a broader understanding of what is possible and gives way to promote healing and change on a variety of different levels.  The opportunity to do this work in community further offers a rich container for growth, change, and healing.  


"Knitting in the Round"
An Intentional Knitting Circle

A 90 minute group, offered monthly, Donation based 

Perhaps you have heard of the term, "Stitch and B*tch;" well this is group is the opposite of that!  This is a crafting group based in mindfulness.  Each session with open with a brief centering guided meditation, there is light conversation surrounding a provided theme or opportunity for silence, and then closed with mindful practice.  Whether you knit, crochet, needlepoint, or sew- join us for a positive and mindful community experience!  (Please note this is not a class, no knitting or crochet will be taught.)

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