Family / Systemic Constellations

"During a family constellation, the hidden tensions, conflicts, and influential relationships existing within a family system become visible.  The facilitating therapist works with these dynamics, and often, solutions can be found.  Family constellations are surprising in form, process, and effect." (Bertold Ulsamer, 1999)

Understand family dynamics to help change current patterns.

See your family's dynamics without bias, stories, or judgement.

Learn internal work and ritual to enable personal and family change.

Constellation Formats Currently Offered:
In-Person Individual Constellations
(Work takes place in office, with therapist and you)

$275 for a two hour session
Online Individual Constellations
(Work takes place online, with therapist and you)

$275 for a two hour session

Please note: These sessions are seen as a consultation.  They are not reimbursable by insurance.  They can be used as an adjunct to therapy and there is an option for your therapist to be present during the constellation