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In addition to talk therapy, sessions for individuals may include:
  • Art Therapy (using visual arts methods as expression)

  • Body-oriented Psychotherapy

  • Sand Tray Therapy

  • Writing Therapy

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Bio-Energetic Exercises

  • Talk Therapy

  • Family/Systemic Constellations

  • Breathwork (using your breath as a tool to move emotion in the body)

Everyone deserves therapeutic services that are honest, creative, and respectful.  One way we assure this is in our multi-modal approach, which helps you to access the parts of yourself that are required for change.


People assume that we should be able to talk out all of our problems, but this is not true. 

Many parts of ourselves: our feelings, our fears, our memories are stored in other ways in our body.  As we unconsciously develop coping skills to deal with our struggles, some of these coping skills cause us to "shut off" or "push down" the feelings that are overwhelming.  These feelings are not always easy to access and need time, support, and care to be dealt with.  By using creative methods, we can access the other parts of the brain and the body that hold memories and feelings and give them a chance to "speak" in their own way.


When memories are made, they are often stored in the language they were created in.  Therefore, if something happened to you before you could speak, it is not stored into your memory in words.  Similarly, people whose native language is not English, will find they are better able to verbalize their feelings in the language in which they process information.  This is also true in children, which is why play therapy works so well.


Using this concept, it makes complete sense that it would be difficult and sometimes impossible, to access some feelings through just talk therapy.  Often we can start with talk therapy, because it is the most comfortable to us, but we encouraged you to try to explore in other ways.  There are so many ways to get a better understanding of yourself and your needs, why limit your treatment to just one?

Therapy with Expressive Arts

My practice is based in both verbal and non-verbal methods of communication and expression. By using a holistic approach to treatment, I find the client is better able to access all that therapy can offer.

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