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Relationships are hard.  So often we need new ways of learning how to communicate, skills for conflict management, or just ways to connect to the person we love in the midst of the emotions that we feel and the challenges of daily life.

In addition to the "traditional" Couples Therapy we tend to think about, such as for married people, there can be many uses for Relationship/Couples sessions, such as:

  • Long term relationship with a friend that has hit a difficult patch

  • Pre-martial or pre-childrearing work to help get started on the same page

  • A relationship between an adult child and their parent

General Process for Couples Therapy below 
(for other Relationship Therapy it will be decided on a case by case basis)


Welcome session to meet, review the process, discuss goals, and begin assessments.

(90 min)

Information Gathering

Individual Perspectives Session

(90 min: divided into two 45 min blocks)


Online Assessments*

Treatment Planning

Assessment Review and Plan for Treatment created

(90 min)


Weekly therapy sessions for the first 6 weeks, then discuss frequency going forward

(90 min sessions)

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