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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy can focus on Connection, Pleasure, Body Image, Exploration, Boundaries, Self-Expression, Self-Love, Healing... and so much more.
Sex therapy is an exploration of how to bring more joy, pleasure, curiosity, and acceptance into one's life.
A therapist can help you explore the "uncomfortable" in a safe, kind, and non-judgmental space.
"Expansion" by Paige Bradley

"What type of things do you talk about in Sex Therapy?"

  • Relationships

  • Dating

  • Pleasure (with others or with self)

  • Body Image/ Acceptance

  • Becoming more comfortable with sex and sexuality to aid in parenting

  • Communicating Boundaries

  • Sexuality

  • Permission to be one's self in a sexual relationship

  • Troubleshooting issues with:

    • intimacy,

    • sexual functioning (such as maintaining focus, listening to ones partner/and own body)

    • different abilities (physical or emotional, such as loss of a limb, chronic illness, or PTSD) 

    • desire discrepancies ( ex: you have a level of sex drive and your partner has another)

and much more...

Please Note: at this time, myFIRE Studios only offers individual sex therapy sessions not couples work.

Couple in Love

“I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.  I never thought of pleasure as something so important- so fundamental.”

— a person possibly like you

Happy Couple at the Beach
What Sex Therapy is...
  • A type of psychotherapy provided by a trained professional who follows specific laws, rules, and ethical codes.

  • A safe place to talk about all aspects of sex and relationships, ask questions, and learn.

  • A safe place to work through difficult challenges or traumatic experiences.

  • Combined with traditional psychotherapy for holistic treatment

What Sex Therapy is NOT...
  • A sexual experience. Therapists do not, under any circumstances have any type of sex with their clients.

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