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Therapy often is misunderstood and therefore people are often wary of trying it.

When working with teens, remembering what it was like as a teenager is key.  Also knowing how times are continually changing is also very important.  Teenagers are faced with many decisions earlier than their parents expect and are sometimes unprepared.  There is also a constant stream of school stressors, social pressure, friends, substances, sexuality questions, relationship challenges, carreer and school choices; all with the added stress of home and family life.  Therapy is a great place to sort through feelings, thoughts, and confusion with a trained person  that you never have to see outside the office. (An ethical therapist is supposed to completely ignore you in public, unless you approach them first.)

We try not to pry and to let you progress on your own terms and at your own pace.  We firmly belive that while therapy is not always fun, and can be work, it should never be torture.  If you are feeling horribly uncomfortable, unsafe, or unsure of your treatment; you should find a new therapist.

Unfortunately, due to laws and ethics, we are unable to see those who are under 18 without parents/guardian's permission.  We are able to talk with you and your guardian to explain confidenitality and its limits so that everyone understands what gets repeated and what does not before you begin working with us.  Most things you discuss do not have to be disclosed, unless it deals with you or someone else getting harmed.

Feel free to email me questions you may have about therapy or our practices.
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